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You Floor Me! Part 2 Shhh...listen...did you hear that? Maybe it's the waves on the walls or the shiny new ocean floor playing tricks on me but I could have sworn I heard a seagull. No, not the ones that hang out in WalMart's parking lot trying to bum a ride...I'm talkin' a REAL sea breeze surfing, french fry stealing, little kid chasing, sweetly chirping sea gull! Maybe the sound is coming from back in the treatment area...(gasp!!) Grass! I mean, I know it's epoxy but it looks like grass - Glen Green grass!! Bow WOW! My furry little feet can scurry all over this place...and no grass stains! I L-U-V love it! Javier!? Can you believe this place!? Hey, Javier! Get off that surfboard and c' gotta see this...and stop calling me "dude"!CLICK HERE to watch You Floor Me! Part 2

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